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I left my 9 to 5 to do what I love and I want to help others who have the desire to be entrepreneurs to do the same. I saw a need to help others by showcasing their gifts, talents, and passions through dope brand building and design. I am an encourager at heart and jump at every opportunity to speak to and push purpose in entrepreneurs. I eat, sleep, and dream creativity and love that I can do it everyday and help others too.

After a divine encounter I had with a talented young lady, I knew I wanted to make those who have a vision + passion to do what they love, SHINE and develop a brand that speaks to who they are. I have always loved designing, creating visuals, and capturing the very essence of people and their passions.

Whatever great idea you have, I want to help bring that thang to life!

I am super stoked about being in the role of you Entrepreneur Coach because of my genuine passion for entrepreneurs and the success of their businesses. I have worked with several talents, businesses, non-profits, and ministries.

When I'm not busy taking care of clients, I enjoy quality time with my hubby, dancing to ratchet music, hanging with the girls, fellowshipping with my church fam and watching reruns of Martin, Friends, and HGTV's Fixer Upper. I was born in Fort Wayne, IN and currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with my super dope husband Deion.

I’ve finally come face to face with a passion that has been here all along. I just needed a little guidance from the Ultimate Creator to help me discover it. My purpose is to develop profitable brands that will be fruitful, productive, and succeed abundantly; the very definition of PROLIFIC.

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Hello, Everyone!

I push purpose and coach you into EntrepreDOPENESS!

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